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akrnmonica's Journal

7 October
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When you had begun bleeding, baby
I was barely being born
A bouncing baby *****
Birthed out into a world of scorn
But it is a gentle entreaty
Together, we do coalesce
And it is to our desires
I hope we do acquiesce

But I don’t think we understand
The severity of this situation
’Cause all that I have learned of love
Is akin to mutual masturbation
So if I am to be alight
With the grace of your eternal soul
It will be the Hell of heartbreak
Where I intend to shovel coal

But I need to get off of it
’Cause everything I touch, it turns to shit
Each hit leads to another hit
And it’s the only thrill I get, just yet

This Midas touch for excrement
Is never what I had intended
Our book is one that never closes
This story is left open-ended
But if our tale is never told
By poets of great prophesy
I won’t believe we’d be so bold
As to deny this fantasy